Agami Seeds of Light is the not for profit, community-building branch of Agami Records. We are a growing network of like-minded artists and activists working together to create positive impact in the world. Our goal is to connect people and organisations dedicated to co-creating a regenerative culture and a better world for our future generations. We do this by creating music, art and collaborations dedicated to supporting grassroots social and environmental initiatives. Each "SEED" is a life-long campaign dedicated to a specific theme.





A networking tool designed to facilitate contact between you and other people in the world who care about the same things that you do. This will be a place to share and discover works and collaborations dedicated towards regenerative living and creating a healthier and more holistic future. A collaborative portal uniting us all to create and support the impact we want. The website is currently under construction and will launch in a few months. Whether you are an artist, an activist or anything in between, please join our newsletter and we will notify you when the portal is live. It would be a great honour to have you on board.

We believe planting trees and restoring biodiversity is a fundamental component for the health of our future. We kick-started the project in 2020 with SEED 1 dedicated to planting trees, reforestation and conservation because we believe fighting global deforestation is a good place to start. Nature and the health of natural ecosystems are close to our heart. We want to plant trees and reestablish a healthy and regenerative relationship with nature as soon as possible. After this, new SEEDS focused on other initiatives aimed at creating a healthy, holistic and regenerative future will follow.

SEED 2 will be dedicated to kids and education.

Children are our future. We believe that by working together with kids and youth and re-exploring what is considered "important and wholesome education", it will be easier to put into action the knowledge and wisdom that is so deeply suppressed and neglected in today's mainstream and large scale affairs. SEED 2 will focus on creating a global community of youth, artists, speakers and educators coming together and sharing their voice through a series of albums, songs, artworks and collaborations.

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Dedicated To Trees

The first SEED is dedicated to planting trees, reforestation and conservation of the planet.

All the funds generated from sales of 2020 an most of 2021 SEED 1 bundle, will be dedicated to tree planting and reforestation initiatives in the Amazon rainforest. Different indigenous groups and local NGOs are already doing great work there and we set out to support them. For our first year, 100% of proceeds will go directly to the Huni Kuin, Kuntanawa and Yawanawa reforestation initiatives.


Dedicated To Trees


All this content is part of Seed 1 Bundle. Buy music to plant trees.

All this content is part of Seed 1 Bundle. Buy music to plant trees.




We are a growing community of like-minded activists and collaborators. However, we will focus the spotlight on a few groups at a time. For 2020 and most of 2021, we will be focused on Amazonian reforestation initiatives lead by indigenous Kuntanawa, Huni Kuin and Yawanawa communities.

The Kuntanawa are an indigenous community from the Brazilian Amazon. They are doing incredible community and environmental work aiming to reforest over 200,000 acres of land with big trees and noble woods. We are in close connection with Haru Kuntanawa and the Kuntanawa Nation community.

The Pinuya Village is the smallest Huni Kuin indigenous landholding in the northern region of Acre, Brazil. Due to displacement from their original indigenous lands, the village was forcibly relocated during the 1960-70s to an area of deforested cattle land.

The village's original tree nursery was destroyed in a storm a number of years ago and due to lack of funds has never been able to be re-built. The construction of the tree nursery will be carried out by residents of the village, and the children will be educated and learn methods of construction during this process. The nursery will be vital in the avoidance of future food shortage crises as the focus will be to create food forests on the village land.

The new tree nursery has two major benefits. One is that it will allow for the cultivation of plants to be used for the food forests. The second benefit of the nursery is that it will provide Pinuya Village with the ability to sell the surplus saplings to their neighbours in the nearest city of Tarauaca which will provide an alternative source of income to tourism. This sharing of saplings will also spread the knowledge and necessity for all peoples to plant food forests on their land.

The tree nursery will be used by the village to grow many varieties of trees, bushes and plants. These varieties will be a mix of fast-growing species to provide shade structures and timber for building and construction, nutritional fruit trees for food, and medicinal plants for traditional medicines. Building the tree nursery will ensure food security for future generations and an income for the village. The children will also learn how to grow trees and plants from seedlings, and the importance of this work for the prosperity of the community.

There is a large area of the Huni Kui land that still requires to be reforested. Once the village is able to start growing its saplings, there is also the opportunity for them to raise further funding to reforest their land.


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Yawanawá-Shukuvena Indigenous sustainable village project

Sara Yawanawa is a young native activist from her community in the Brazilian Amazon. She is creating a food forest and a social initiative for her community in the new village of "Shukuvena" which means Tucan in the Yawanawa language. We will help her and the Shukuvena village build a new tree nursery so they can begin to plant a variety of fruit and nut trees for food security. Acai is one of the main trees that they will work with, this will be used to produce and sell Acai pulp to provide financial stability and independence. The Acai seeds will also be used to make sustainable crafts and jewellery as an additional source of income.


2020 Welight ®

This campaign uses Welight's solutions to raise funds. Together, we go beyond technology to accelerate the transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and balance the relationships between people and the planet.